Our mission at studio\Blu is to broaden our range of services and extend our reach to a diverse clientele. To achieve this, we enlist the expertise of proficient and gifted university students who benefit from the guidance and mentorship of seasoned professionals. Our overarching objective is to assist our clients at every juncture of their product development process, equipping them with the requisite support for their commercial, research or academic advancement.

Design Pillar - design element
EIS Student Employee working

Experiential Education

We are committed to the development of Idaho’s future workforce. We provide a wide variety of engineering and business services to enhance the college education experience of Boise State students and obtain a competitive edge when entering the workforce.

Embedded Students

Many times, new projects require additional workforce. We can provide experienced students to aid with your tasks for a limited time. Forget about hiring and training new employees and quickly focus on moving the projects ahead.

NPD engineer sketching product concept
NPD Bambu 3D Printer

Product Design

From Idea to Reality: Bring your product vision to life. We help you define your concept, develop detailed specifications, and create professional CAD drawings to turn your idea into a tangible reality.

Prototype Fabrication

Validate your product: Prototype creation made easy. We bridge the gap between your idea and a functional prototype using various fabrication techniques. This allows you to assess your design's feasibility and functionality before full-scale production.

EIS Welding
The studio\Blu booth banners at Bronco Day at the Capital

Market Development and Visual Design

Concept to Launch: Your one-stop shop for building your dream product. We transform your idea into a reality with a market-driven business plan and a powerful brand identity. Our team will guide you every step of the way, from strategy to execution.