Our mission at studio\Blu is to broaden our range of services and extend our reach to a diverse clientele. To achieve this, we enlist the expertise of proficient and gifted university students who benefit from the guidance and mentorship of seasoned professionals. Our overarching objective is to assist our clients at every juncture of their product development process, equipping them with the requisite support for their commercial, research or academic advancement.

The Process

Product Design

Every product starts with an idea. We help you define your concept and its mechanical and electrical specifications. Then we can take it to the next level by creating CAD drawings.

Designer sketching a drawing of a complex box
Set of 3D-printed parts

Prototype Fabrication

Prototyping is critical to understanding your product’s technical feasibility and functionality. We help you bring your idea to reality with different fabrication techniques and capabilities.

3D Printing

3D printing is one of the most utilized and precise techniques for prototyping and low-level production. We specialize in 3D printing with our wide range and variety of 3D printers for all needs.

Three dimensional (3D) printer
Man designing logos on a computer

Visual Design

A new product requires a powerful brand. We have a team of artists to provide you with all the branding material you need to launch a successful product.

Market Development

Launching a new concept requires the right plan and a solid strategy. We have access to different market intelligence tools, knowledge, and connections to guide you through your business plan creation.

Team in an office discussing business
Picture of VCO members during WeRoc conference

Funding powered by VCO is a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs and present companies to get funded through their different programs and events.

Embedded Students

Many times, new projects require additional workforce. We can provide experienced students to aid with your tasks for a limited time. Forget about hiring and training new employees and quickly focus on moving the projects ahead.

NPD Lab employee working
Picture of New Product Development Team student employees at work stations in the NPD Lab.

Experiential Education

We are committed to the development of Idaho’s future workforce. We provide a wide variety of engineering and business services to enhance the college education experience of Boise State students and obtain a competitive edge when entering the workforce.