Embedded Students

The young professional workforce will become your future leaders. Maintaining a steady flow of early-talent employees joining the organization ensures longterm success.
Let us help you build a strong pipeline for early talent through the Embedded Internships at studio\Blu!

What is the studio\Blu Embedded Student Program?

We conducted an extensive survey involving 75 Industry-Leading Companies. This comprehensive survey allowed us to distill insights and identify the top essential skills, and critical areas to help our students develop professionally.

$6,100 Average recruiting costs for an intern through tradional methods

175% Typical ovrhead rate for traditional engineering interns

The biggest difference between our program and hiring your own interns is that the students are OUR employees. We handle the vetting, the hiring, and the training so you can have an experienced new hire.

How does it work?

Embedded engineering student scanning a product at Seat Concepts
New Product Development Lab engineers developing a peanut auto hopper


Student is hired into studio\Blu


Apply course work to real projects.


Lead paid industry projects.


Mentored by experienced manufacturing professionals.


Ready to embed with YOU!


How much does having an embedded student cost?

Explore the unique benefits of engaging with our students through our tiered rate structure, tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Rates are tiered based on the overall usage of an individual student each month. As you use a student more, the rate becomes less.
To learn more about the tiers and their costs, send us a message!

Want To Reach Out?

Contact the Embedded Opportunities Client Services Manager

Grey Beaudry


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Grey Beaudry