We partner with multiple industries to mentor Boise State students in moving real-world projects from one concept through designing, prototyping, testing, initial manufacturing, funding, and marketing. We will meet with anyone ready to move forward with development. We do not require a minimum project size, a specific background, or previous experience.

What do we provide at studio\Blu?

At Boise State’s Harry Morrison Civil Engineering Building (HML), studio/Blu provides access to advanced technologies, equipment, and interdisciplinary collaboration for students, faculty, and industry. 

 A complete set of services. At studio\Blu, we work with our clients through every stage of new product development. We keep our clients involved and offer a flexible approach to serve all the different needs.

 A talent pipeline to Idaho manufacturers and researchers. Our students move real-world projects from concept through designing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, marketing, and funding. This experience helps them hit the ground running.

 A head start for students in their careers. studio\Blu students graduate with up to 2000-3000 hours of direct work on client projects. It can save employees from 6 months to 4 years of lost productivity in training. 

Industry and Entrepreneurs

We provide a wide range of services to assist our clients in every step of product development. Come to us and we will be with you every step of the way in making your idea a reality. All we need is an idea. We will help you develop this idea, use CAD to bring it to life, prototype it, market it, and help you fund it.


We provide a space where students can transfer theoretical knowledge to professional practice. We can help you with a class project that requires the use of equipment, a concept you want to work on during your free time, or simply train you to use manufacturing equipment in order to gain an early professional competitive advantage.


We provide expertise in engineering design and fabrication in research services to the campus community. We can help you design and fabricate the systems and products you need to advance your research.


We provide our partners with a pipeline of industry-ready students and professionals. Our embedded students allow you to fulfill your workforce need for specific projects without having to hire and train a full-time new employee. In addition, you will be lending your industry expertise to develop the next generation of business and technology leaders.

Join the Partnership

At studio\Blu, we are proud to call the vibrant State of Idaho home and are excited to participate in a growing region with a strong appetite for entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and development. With exciting growth comes difficult changes. studio\Blu stands on a legacy of collaboration, experience, and expertise to guide local industry through those challenge

New Product Development Team student employees working in the NPD Lab.

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