Experiential Education

The success of our students and the development of Idaho’s future workforce is the most valuable output of studio\Blu. We feature inviting collaborative learning spaces and a showcase for our students’ work. 

By joining studio\Blu, students are exposed to extensive real-world project experience working with industry professionals, experienced staff, research faculty, and fellow students. They graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to immediately contribute to Idaho’s leading advanced manufacturing, engineering, and technology companies. studio\Blu learners have a competitive advantage over their other graduating students due to their professional experience. In addition, they are positioned to earn a 20% increase in initial earnings over their fellow graduates. Our educational services include:

  • Machine Experiential Learning: Building familiarity with crucial equipment through hands-on learning.
  • College of Engineering Course Work Support
  • VCO Investor Liaison Internship program: Provides unique opportunities for higher education low-to-moderate income students to learn about venture capital, develop real experience evaluating investment opportunities, and grow their network of investors and executives. Interns get a first-hand look at what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the resources available along the way. Interns also gain exposure to many service providers and can be helpful in thinking about careers in varying fields.